SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / TLS (Transport Layer Security) - the easily implemented standard protocol for transaction security - is an encrypted link between your Server and your Customer's browser.

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol has become the universal standard on the Web for authenticating sites and for encrypting communications between Web Browsers and Web servers. Millions of consumers recognize the "golden padlock" which appears in their browser to indicate they are viewing a secure web page through a SSL Certificate. Random Technologies has partnered with Comodo- one of the World's leading Global Certification Authorities (CAs). Through our partnership we are able to provide the highest standard and affordable SSL certificates available.

As the value of e-commerce continues to increase, Trust and Security become a critical differentiator is the market place. It is essential to any success business that all customer transactions remain integral and secure. With a SSL Certificate once the link is established all communication between your Server and your Customer's browser and all all information submitted via your Customer's web browser will remain confidential from eavesdroppers.




Comodo's Instant SSLĀ  Certifcates Product Range Data Sheet

128 bit SSL Certificates designed for securing intranets, extranets and web sites. Trusted by over 99.3% of current Internet users, Instant SSL Certificates are an ideal and low cost way of securing your webserver.

Fully validated

All Instant SSL products provide 128 bit industry standard validation of both the domain name ownership and the legitimacy of the company as a legal entity. This is done even if the certificate is intended for internal use only and maximizes customer confidence in the security of the website. Without sufficient validation SSL certificates are simply encryption certificates, so weak validation undermines why a CA must be a trusted entity - why should companies pay for an untrustworthy certificate that consumers inadvertently trust?

Fast issuance without the compromise of quality

Thanks to the revolutionary capabilities of IdAuthority, the identity assurance provider, the majority of Instant SSL Certificates can be issued instantly but without the need to compromise the level of validation. The result is a quickly issued yet trusted Certificate that does not undermine consumer confidence with the SSL protocol.

Trusted by all popular browsers

Your browser ubiquity is a key element when choosing an SSL provider. Instant SSL is inherently trusted by 99% of the current Internet population. This makes Instant SSL as equally trusted as more expensive Certificates from Verisign and Thawte.

Up to $250,000 warranty

We believe it is important to protect the end user; most importantly, we value our validation techniques. A range of warranty levels is available, from $10,000 to $250,000, depending on the product chosen. We believe the insurance provided gives greater peace of mind to the customer.

30 day refund & reissue policy of your SSL Certificate

Provided as standard, at no charge, on all products in the Instant SSL range. This allows for customers not to be penalized for making mistakes when submitting certificate requests.

Telephone, email and web support

As a valued SSL customer you can expect both telephone and email support for any issues you may face or questions you may have during any stage of applying for, installing or using your SSL Certificate. Toll free technical support is provided for all Instant SSL Pro and PremiumSSL Certificate customers.

Free TrustLogo

Instant SSL Pro and PremiumSSL Certificates comes with a FREE TrustLogo worth $119.00. Providing your customers with real-time identity assurance through convenient "point to verify" technology, TrustLogo enhances trust and confidence in your online identity and gives customers the confidence to buy from your site.

SecuritySpace free audit

A free security vulnerability assessment, which performs a full-blown Standard security audit on your system. The report will provide the number of vulnerabilities that are found in High and Medium risk categories, as well as the details of Low risk and Other vulnerabilities.

Cost effective pricing

Instant SSL remains the only low cost, fully validated, fully supported SSL Certificate available today. To help customers avoid the hassle of renewing every year, we also offer discounted 2 and 3 year Certificates.


Why Choose Random Technologies for your SSL Certificate needs:

  • Most cost effective fully validated and full supported SSL Certificates available
  • As trusted as Verisign & Thawte, yet a fraction of the price
  • 99% browser ubiquity
  • Industry standard 128bit
  • Validation processes as strong as Verisign and far stronger than GeoTrust
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 30 day free replacement and reissue policy
  • Varying levels of warranty for specific site needs
  • Free TrustLogo (worth $119) with every SSL Certificate



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